First Indemnity of America will also provide bonding for environmental obligations.

Here is what you will need to get started

arrow A completed Contractor's Questionnaire. arrow Copies of the Principal's Resumes. arrow Copies of the business' last two (2) years Fiscal Year Ending Financial Statements. arrow Business' tax returns for the last year. arrow Complete, signed Personal Financial Statement on all of the Principals of the entity looking to be bonded. arrow A copy of the Corporate Resolution or Partnership Agreement. arrow Copies of the 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns of each of the Principals for the last year (all schedules must be attached). arrow A completed and up-to-date Work-On-Hand schedule for both bonded and non-bonded jobs. arrow A bank referance providing availability of the company's fine of credit, as well as available funds. arrow A completed Bank Account Balance Report.

After Acceptance

arrowGeneral indemnity Agreement required.


Examples of Environmental Bonds Include:

arrow Asbestose Abatement arrow Lead Abatement arrowSite Remediation arrow Underground Storage Tank Removal

Providing A rated, T-listed Bonds in All States!

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